Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hello again!
Did you have a lovely weekend? Zappy Mazz has been drawing things which makes her very happy indeed -
In fact as you might remember from fact #3: Zappy Mazz loves DRAWING THINGS!

Now, if you look closely at what Zappy Mazz's drawings you might notice a rather glaringly obvious fact...

Fact #11 - Zappy Mazz loves creatures...

Yes indeed, a lot of what she draws and makes is rather creature based, this is partly because she loves the weird and wonderful world of nature but also because she likes giving things character and that usually involves making even inanimate objects like rocks and teapots take on a little bit of a creature-like persona of their own.

Zappy Mazz has a big adventure planned tomorrow so wish her luck!

Agent B

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  1. Wow Zappy Mazz, I'm impressed, that pencil is 10 times the size of you, how did you lift it, let alone draw with it???!!!