Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hello again!
Did you have a lovely weekend? Zappy Mazz has been drawing things which makes her very happy indeed -
In fact as you might remember from fact #3: Zappy Mazz loves DRAWING THINGS!

Now, if you look closely at what Zappy Mazz's drawings you might notice a rather glaringly obvious fact...

Fact #11 - Zappy Mazz loves creatures...

Yes indeed, a lot of what she draws and makes is rather creature based, this is partly because she loves the weird and wonderful world of nature but also because she likes giving things character and that usually involves making even inanimate objects like rocks and teapots take on a little bit of a creature-like persona of their own.

Zappy Mazz has a big adventure planned tomorrow so wish her luck!

Agent B

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

She's Back!

Hello again!

My goodness, its been a bit of a hiatus hasn't it? Zappy Mazz had a great time working with Billie and may well be heading back to help out some more in the future, look out for some pics of what they were up to on the Weird or Cute? blog in the coming months when the project has been completed...

It's been a long time since a Zappy Mazz fact so lets get the ball rolling again with fact number 10:
Fact #10 - Zappy Mazz loves LAUGHTER

She enjoys entertaining people and even used to run a puppet show with her friend Chris entertaining at kid's birthday parties...
(No he isn't... Chris randomly turning up behind anyone reading this blog would be supremely odd, even for Zappy Mazz...)

Maybe this is the reason that she likes learning circus skills and has recently been seen working to perfect the highly difficult and death defying art of


That's right, them thar spoons are dangerous lil' blighters, but luckily she is man enough for the job...

More facts soon!

Agent B

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Where is Zappy Mazz?

Well, there has been a slight break in transmission here as Zappy Mazz has been off in the wilds of North East London working as a creative assistant with the incredibly skilled and talented Billie Achilleos She will be back next week with more exciting updates!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Zappy Mazz's Family

So! Time for another little insight into the things that make Zappy Mazz the sparky little monster we all know and love....

Fact #10 - Zappy Mazz is an Auntie!

Zappy Mazz is the youngest of 3 children, with two grown up siblings who have both produced some rather marvelous young sproglings of their own:

Auntie Mazz is ringleader of exciting expeditions...

and instigator of all the naughtiest (but most fun!) shenanigans.

This is great because it means she can have lots of fun thinking up exciting things to do and inventing new games to play but then give the little angels back at the end of the day when thay are all stickly and hungry and tired and wet - Bwahahaha! Ahem...

Agent B

Monday, 23 May 2011

Dog Juggling....(History part the 3rd)

Hello again!

I hope you had a lovely weekend?

Here is another insight into Zappy Mazz's past:

When she was at University she missed her own little dog Scrib so much that she joined Battersea Dogs & Cats Home's team of Volunteers, she worked both as a dog socialiser and as an events volunteer which meant she learned lots of interesting new things about canine behaviour (and even how to give a dog a massage!) and also got to perform with dogs at several events across London to raise awareness of the wonderful work they do for animals who have fallen on hard times...

She hasn't actually juggled dogs through a flaming hoop, but never say never!

Agent B

Friday, 20 May 2011

Project ZM Fact #9 - Animation Rocks!

Its Friday!!! and Zappy Mazz loves Friday because that means IT'S TIME FOR THE FRIDAY DANCE!

*Does the Friday Dance*

Also it means its a good night to go and catch up on how your friends are doing, reminisce over the week or indulge in....

FACT #9 - Zappy Mazz loves a good film, but ESPECIALLY a good ANIMATION!

In fact the pride and overwhelming respect she feels for the amazing expenditure of human skill and dedication that goes into producing one of these works of art often makes her get a little bit emotional when she watches one...

So to all those crazy. hard working Animators out there.... Zappy Mazz Salutes You! (and that means all of you, from the concept artists, through the modellers and riggers right out past the people who wibble those puppets around and right out the other end to the shaders and colourists....)

Hooray for Fridays and for beautiful animation!

Agent B

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Project ZM on the joys of being British...

Good Morning!

Now Zappy Mazz is a very English little monster (No no no, that doesn't mean she engages in binge drinking and being a public menace in spanish resorts *shudders*) what it does mean is:

FACT #8 - Zappy mazz LOVES A CUPPA!

A little like your mother, Zappy Mazz believes that a nice hot beverage is good for the soul and is happy to perscribe one to anyone she meets who looks in need, don't worry though, she won't try and make you comb your hair or wear a warm coat!

If you let her Zappy Mazz would drink her tea in Pints.

And sleep on a bed or Earl Grey teabags.

Zappy Mazz's favourite bedtime story is the one about the little green monster who finds herself pressed into sleeping on a bed of 100 teabags to see if she can feel the poor pea they have trapped beneath it. The monster finds the pea and rescues it and they become firm friends and have many adventures together...

What do you mean you haven't heard that one before? I'll find you a copy to borrow.

What was your favourite bedtime story?

Agent B