Friday, 20 May 2011

Project ZM Fact #9 - Animation Rocks!

Its Friday!!! and Zappy Mazz loves Friday because that means IT'S TIME FOR THE FRIDAY DANCE!

*Does the Friday Dance*

Also it means its a good night to go and catch up on how your friends are doing, reminisce over the week or indulge in....

FACT #9 - Zappy Mazz loves a good film, but ESPECIALLY a good ANIMATION!

In fact the pride and overwhelming respect she feels for the amazing expenditure of human skill and dedication that goes into producing one of these works of art often makes her get a little bit emotional when she watches one...

So to all those crazy. hard working Animators out there.... Zappy Mazz Salutes You! (and that means all of you, from the concept artists, through the modellers and riggers right out past the people who wibble those puppets around and right out the other end to the shaders and colourists....)

Hooray for Fridays and for beautiful animation!

Agent B

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