Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Zappy Mazz's Family

So! Time for another little insight into the things that make Zappy Mazz the sparky little monster we all know and love....

Fact #10 - Zappy Mazz is an Auntie!

Zappy Mazz is the youngest of 3 children, with two grown up siblings who have both produced some rather marvelous young sproglings of their own:

Auntie Mazz is ringleader of exciting expeditions...

and instigator of all the naughtiest (but most fun!) shenanigans.

This is great because it means she can have lots of fun thinking up exciting things to do and inventing new games to play but then give the little angels back at the end of the day when thay are all stickly and hungry and tired and wet - Bwahahaha! Ahem...

Agent B

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