Thursday, 19 May 2011

Project ZM on the joys of being British...

Good Morning!

Now Zappy Mazz is a very English little monster (No no no, that doesn't mean she engages in binge drinking and being a public menace in spanish resorts *shudders*) what it does mean is:

FACT #8 - Zappy mazz LOVES A CUPPA!

A little like your mother, Zappy Mazz believes that a nice hot beverage is good for the soul and is happy to perscribe one to anyone she meets who looks in need, don't worry though, she won't try and make you comb your hair or wear a warm coat!

If you let her Zappy Mazz would drink her tea in Pints.

And sleep on a bed or Earl Grey teabags.

Zappy Mazz's favourite bedtime story is the one about the little green monster who finds herself pressed into sleeping on a bed of 100 teabags to see if she can feel the poor pea they have trapped beneath it. The monster finds the pea and rescues it and they become firm friends and have many adventures together...

What do you mean you haven't heard that one before? I'll find you a copy to borrow.

What was your favourite bedtime story?

Agent B

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  1. Who doesnt love tea?! Mine was Hugo and the man who stole colours