Friday, 6 May 2011

Welcome to Project Zappy Mazz!



So today is the big day, prepare to meet Zappy Mazz as she is unveiled to the world.........
(or at least some select and uber secret agents in the smoke)

Sorry for the poor quality of this image, Zappy Mazz is a super-rare one of a kind little creature and getting pics of her hasn't always been an easy task.

And what's more, this little monster is up to something! some of the details are highly classified top secret and for our London operatives eyes only but fortunately I have managed to ferret out a few sneaky insights as to what the devil is going on.....

Over the coming days, weeks, months etc. I intend to update project ZM with what I have managed to discover of Zappy Mazz's actions and intentions* along with some interesting research I have been doing into her history and habits.

*thats right, even I, Zappy-Mazz's right-hand biographologist don't know exactly what is going to happen next... O_O

Stay tuned for more news of  PROJECT ZM

Agent B

coming up next.... Who (or what) is she anyway?!: Part 1 of  "the truth about Zappy Mazz"

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