Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Some more history - And a Newsflash!

Here is today's update for Project ZM and we're going to go a little bit into her history again now, we've covered her birth already haven't we? 

Well, several years after that happy event Zappy Mazz decided that she would like to set off and see the world ...  

She worked very hard to save up her pennies and then she set out with her trusty backpack to travel the east coast of Australia.

She started out alone which was a little intimidating, but when Mazz feels intimidated she just rolls up her sleeves and takes that situation by the scruff of it neck - very soon Mazz had seen lots of interesting things and met lots of lovely people and by the time she left she'd forgotten she ever felt intimidated at all!

NEWSFLASH! Zappy Mazz has just had a phonecall and she has a secret liason next Tuesday... We  don't know any details yet but watch this space!

Agent B

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