Monday, 16 May 2011

Project ZM Fact#8

Oh dear.... Mondays? They don't have to be so bad you know...

Zappy Mazz likes hearing what people have been up to on their weekend adventures and telling her friends what she got up to herself. Also her weekends have usually filled her head with exciting new ideas of things to try in the coming week, so let's give Mondays a break.

Time for a serious fact for #8, because some things aren't very exciting but they are still important.

Fact #8 - Zappy Mazz believes in GOOD TIMEKEEPING.

There are already not enough hours in the day so being careless with them seems like a silly thing to do, and being late when other people are having to loose their time waiting for you is a bit mean and rude isn't? 

Of course sometimes time gets away from you, or is taken up by something unavoidable, because of this Mazz does her best to leave a little extra in her plans to avoid wasting anybodies time.


What a boring fact! How unMazz-like, but I did promise to investigate Zappy Mazz in full and its all part of the bigger picture...

Tuesdays fact will be fairer of face I'm sure ;-)

Agent B


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